Vikings: War Of Clans Review

Vikings were a rough people and this game actually shares the same direction. You will have to become a superior ruler and to lead your armies into epic battles. The graphics and the variety of scenes is impressive no less, so you will definitely enjoy playing the game.

Real-time battles

If you are looking for a game that features realistic and epic battles, the Vikings: War of Clans is definitely a must-try one. First of all, the game is loaded with impressive graphics and with plenty of different features. Each battle will be versus real players from other parts of the world. As a Jerl (a leader of the Viking’s army) you will have to develop a proper strategy and to get the most out each conflict.

Clan battles

As the name suggests, the game features clan wars. At the beginning, you will have to be a member of a clan, which means that you will follow the guidelines and instructions of the clan member. Once you prove allegiance and skills, you may become a clan leader. For most players, this is the main part and the main goal of the game. As a leader, you will be the King of Vikings!

Variety of units and weapons

Vikings were known for strong warriors and effective weapons. In the game, you will have a possibility to develop your own weapons and to build them for the needs of the army. Furthermore, you also have a possibility to hire different troops, such are mercenaries, horsemen and etc. Keep in mind that a well-balanced army is the best choice. Each unit has its strong sides and disadvantages, so you need all of the troops to win a battle.

Story and following graphics

New smartphones offer great graphic capabilities. The game in question is one of the latest developments which actually uses the entire power of a smartphone. As such you get a wonderful graphics, which is available in all aspects of the game. Almost all gamers who tried the game claim the graphics is one of the best they encountered. We must add that the story of the game is one of a kind. First, it is interesting and it is developed in depth, so you definitely won’t skip scenes or chapters.


  • Graphics is at the highest level possible
  • Story in the game is extremely interesting
  • You can craft your own weapons
  • Clan battles and being able to become a clan leader
  • Battles versus real players


  • Reaching higher levels will require usage of real money if you want to advance faster
  • The game is slow and will take some time to reach interesting levels
  • Plenty of new terms


Vikings: War of Clans isn’t an ordinary game. It is developed to provide a unique and specific story and to meet the desires of gamers who are impressed with Vikings. By all means, the game succeeded in all aspects. Graphics, weapons, and battles are something you will appreciate every time you play the game.

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