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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your faithful, generous giving to help the poor and homeless of Baltimore this past year. Without your help we would not have had a successful long-term Spiritual Recovery Program with 140 men enrolled and many more waiting to get into the program as beds become available.

       Because of your past generosity towards the people we serve here at Helping Up Mission, I am posting this letter for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration. We have a unique opportunity to purchase an additional building which will provide the necessary space and resources to broaden this important ministry.

       I think you will identify with my feelings of urgency and excitement that comes from visualizing an opportunity to do something really good for a lot of truly needy people right here in our city of Baltimore who are in the deadly grip of drug addiction and homelessness.

       Many homeless men addicted to drugs have come to us this past year requesting long-term help and we could not give them a program bed for lack of space. Many women with children have asked why we don’t have similar long-term programs for women. All I’ve been able to say in the past is; “We are thinking and praying about it”.

       Now we have an opportunity to put the wishing and hoping days behind us. We can offer more program beds for men on the waiting list–we can offer new programs for women, youth and children who are requesting help. The time has come to take another major step forward to help people up through spiritual recovery.

       This will not be an easy step to take, but we have been at places like this before. We know if we take a step to help the poor in Jesus’ name, our needs will be met. God will provide!
The generous support of hundreds of people like you will be needed by February 1, 2001–people who will give a gift for this new opportunity which is in addition to our annual program needs.

       There is no doubt–this is the most incredible opportunity in its scope and long-term impact that the Helping Up Mission has had in its 116 years of serving the poor in Baltimore.

       So in addition to all of our other requests, I am asking one more–remember the poor in a really special way. Read the information in the following packet, which you may link to here: (Project “2001”). Someone from the Mission, staff or volunteers, will give you a call to discuss this opportunity with you and ask you about making a personal investment in the project.

       Thank you for your kind consideration, and best wishes for a truly Blessed New Year (2001) with your family and loved ones!

Robert K. Gehman
Executive Director
         P.S.    Please feel free to call me @ 410.675.2977 to discuss this exciting opportunity to help so many people who are willing to work hard to change their lives. They can do it with God’s help and yours!