Gardenscapes – New Acres Cheats

Use Gardenscapes – New Acres Cheats to Get Free Stars and Free Coins

Gardenscapes- New Acres is a calm and amazing game. It is not a game like other MMOs because it tests your exploration skills. Probably, that’s people have liked it and made it the best online game on Facebook during 2016. This game is developed and published by Playrix Games. It is a simulation match-3 game that works quite smoothly on Facebook and smartphones.

Your ultimate goal in this game would be restoring the ruined garden and making it look like it used to look before. Of course, things would not be too simple for you. There will be many special missions and you will have to complete those missions to get access to new areas. You will discover new places, new elements and enjoy your time by renovating the abandoned garden.

What makes this game so fascinating?

If you are tired of playing action packed games and want to do something different for your entertainment, then Gardenscapes – New Acres is really a fascinating choice for you. There is no violence, but there are a lot of things to do. You can take it like possessing an alternative garden and improving its charm by exploring new areas and improving the aesthetic of those areas.

Actually, you will be playing puzzle games and the rewards would be stars. You can invest those stars to improve the aesthetic of the garden. The developers have created this game for all age-groups. You would love to play this game and acquire a new garden.

This game seems really enjoyable because of the following features:

  • You earn free stars by completing match3 level missions. These stars are necessary to finish a number of garden works like building a Treehouse, installing new branches, building the path, etc. you should collect as many stars as possible and store them for upcoming garden works.
  • The Match3 level missions bring the real enjoyment in the game. You will have to collect tiles, drop other items, and do other fun stuff to meet the quests.
  • Finding and uncovering gnome statues.
  • Multiple levels of the puzzle game in which you can win coins, earn stars, and purchase the in-game resources to restore the garden.

There are many other things that make Gardenscapes – New Acres an interesting game. However, things may take a bad turn if you spend the whole in-game currency. You will have to play longer and earn more, if you want to continue the garden work.

Use the cheats tool to get unlimited coins and stars:

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