CLASH OF KINGS: Your guide to being the best

This is a specialized online game where you have to fight in order to have control over certain things like cities, towns and the resources. There are thousands of people who are playing this, and you will have to fight with them through your journey. There are two major tasks- A mass wealth and Building your empire. This will be done through various wars and battles after you have formed alliances and thus take over the other kingdoms. However one needs certain tips and tricks in order to learn the game properly and thus given below are some important ones:

  • Lord: You are the lord of your castle, and it is your duty to form, lead and then command your troops for battles and also when empires are built. You need to be very active and thus build buildings, go on quests, use items that can be consumed, kill monsters and also upgrade the buildings you build. You levels would increase with each experience, and you will get several bonuses.


  • Buildings: The first important thing you need to do is build your own castle along with all the other buildings. You also have to upgrade your game while you are a new player. Strengthen your surroundings and defense system because the attacks are very hard to tackle and also the resources are limited. You also need to maintain your farm which brings you food and money. The troops you have need food and also balance is very important for the buildings.


  • Troops: You should always learn the types of your soldiers you have and what their skills are. You have to defend your castle and also use the proper swordsmen and soldiers in order to win. The swordsmen and infantry soldiers die very easily so; it is good to use them to defend yourself against other kingdoms in a stationary position. Archers are very strong; they can destroy the whole kingdom down without losing a single life.


  • Equipment: Always keep on upgrading your equipment or else anyone can kill you. Collect blacksmith and forge material whenever possible. Mines like iron and mithril are very rich in garnet, bronze, crystal, and amber. These are very important while you want to have updated equipment. Also, killing monsters can help you collect some more, and this will also strengthen your soldiers.


  • Strategies: There are different strategies:
  1. Different farm accounts are needed and at least 5 of them. After acquiring accounts, join alliances that are stronger and have won battles. You will thus be protected in this way.
  2. Gathering more resources, upgrading the building and training your troops for the war is important. You can also buy items sold by the game.

These are some of the major strategies, a tip that you should know while you want to be a master in this game. There are several gamers that use cheats for getting free resources and thus upgrade their gaming levels and performances.

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