Advantage Services

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Advantage service Group Inc. (Asg)
Is a Prototype full service foodservice
equipment dealership. Our primary
focus is contract bid and chain
account facilities.

Services offered “in house” include:

  • Facilities design and engineering
  • Concept development
  • Budget pricing
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Project management and site engineering
  • Installation of Asg or owner furnished equipment
  • Equipment purchasing and brokering
    (see Infinity Purchasing)
  • Equipment leasing and rentals
  • Specialty products distribution
  • Plumbing and electrical components distribution
  • On-site equipment renovations

Asg has designed specific services to
reduce the costs and add time to an
operators busy schedule. We provide
these services for a low monthly fee.
Required maintenance schedules for:

  • Cooking equipment
  • Fire safety
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Pest control
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Filtration replacement
  • Fryer filter oil replacement
  • Inventory rotation
  • Chemical products replacement
  • Pre health inspection service
  • Peak business temporary staffing
  • Employee training
  • Staff replacement

Infiniti Purchasing

Infinity Purchasing Div. of Asg is dedicated to providing existing customers, small chains (Minimum of 5 units) and Franchisees with corporate pricing of heavy equipment. By combining our contract customer purchases with smaller chains and franchisee purchases, we can offer pricing equal to and sometimes lower than that of national chain purchasing prices. Infinity Purchasing generally works on a cost plus basis with it’s customers to further reduce the cost of purchasing equipment. For some of our customers we act simply as a broker of equipment to manufacturers allowing the manufacturers to track a chain and it’s franchisees purchases. The principle difference between the brokering and group purchasing, is who’s PO the manufacturer receives ( either the franchisee or Infinity Purchasing’s ). Infinity Purchasing is also available to contract bid customers meeting certain criteria.